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Herbal Yard Thailand

Meet all herbs ingredient

Our herbals are surrounding by good environment,

soil, water, fresh air and with “love” to do.

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We begin with planting lemongrass in our yard on empty land. All we do is prepared the soil into proper nutrients and bring the water way to let the plant grow. After a long time of taking good care, we began to harvest and turn fresh lemongrass leaves to dry with sun heat. All process control by nature and good environment surrounding. 
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Herbs farm and crop

All herbs are planted in natural way with fresh air, water and environment. We designed our plant system to ensure that our herbal yard is safe and harmonies with natural ecosystem. Our herbs and spices are heat with heating system 

Wholesale Herbs & Spices

With lots of our agricultural products, we could provided load numbers of herbs and spices such as dried lemongrass leaves, grinded lemongrass leaves, lemongrass tea, dried galangal roots, dried ginger, mixed herbs tea, mixed herbal inhaler and etc. We could produced these ingredients from 10-30 tons/months. Please contact us for more infomation.

Exporting Herbs and Spices

With more than 30 years experienced in exporting business, we could served our herbal ingredients and spices beginning from an organic way of growing and farming, clean and safe way of packing and packaging, until loading to container all the way to customers hand.


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